Why Shop Local?


Shopping at your local greengrocers is beneficial both to yourself and your family, and the community as a whole.

Let us tell you how …

We buy from the Wholesale Fruit Centre at least 3 times a week. This means the products you find on our shelves are fresh, and haven’t been stored for weeks in a warehouse. This means they taste better, last longer and you will waste less.

Practically nothing we buy is wrapped in plastic, so the impact on the environment is lower and the quality of the produce is higher.

Where possible, we buy from local producers, both directly and through the market. This means the journey from field to fork is much shorter and the goodness and nutrients are preserved.

Shopping locally means you get to talk to real people (us!) who have a passion for their business and the products we sell. We can give tips and advice, and are always willing to pick up a special request from the market if you want something unusual.

Shopping locally keeps more money in the local economy, and helps to create and maintain a sense of community.